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Lekko | 22 | He/Him/Any | I'm just a lil artist from a lil state. Catch me on tumblr under the same name! Carmen Sandiego and Ninjago are my most active interests!

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I Love A Dumbass

some older art from when I first watched season 1, just thought i'd post it here :3

Please sir, spare a mood?

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I am a simple person, I fixate on One(1) OC, dump some of my insecurities on them, and if i go a week without drawing them I Die.

This is Howdy, an undead man from the 50s who now works as a janitor/general handyman/top shelf reacher at an antique shop that's run by the people who accidentally resurrected him, along with something else that's much less friendly. And he almost most definitely didn't dress himself here

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instead of presenting myself as "feminine" or "masculine" i tend to lean towards "clown" or "fool" 

Hi I'm lekko and I'm here to post art and see what this site is like :o)